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Dan is a caring, kind, loving person that made me feel at ease right from the start of our sessions.  He made me feel I could overcome anything with great ease, lasting results and gave me back the power of self belief.  It felt like we were working together rather than being worked on.  I would highly recommend Dan to anyone.  I am ever so grateful that our paths have crossed and my life has been enriched because of it.  Ever so grateful Dan, you're one of the best.


As a sufferer of anxiety, addiction and depression, I suffer with many obstacles due to pre-programmed beliefs and behaviours .  After 2 sessions with Dan I can already feel myself challenging my old beliefs regarding self care and self confidence.  I look forward to further PSYCH-K sessions with Dan who is professional and sensitive to my requirements.  He is a gem.


Dan is a very warm and compassionate person who made me feel at ease and comfortable.  His inner warmth and empathy radiates in his therapy and his interactions.  Dan has helped me to embrace different perspectives with certain sub conscious beliefs and to retrain those feelings and beliefs to positive ones.  You're a diamond Dan, thank you!


I have been working with Dan for two consecutive weeks looking at my limiting beliefs around fear & relationships.  I immediately felt at ease in Dan's presence.  He has such warm and understanding charisma which was extremely beneficial, as this was my first experience of PSYCH-K.  Dan talked me through the procedure and explained everything in a simple format.  This enabled me to enjoy the session & the whole experience.  If I could express this in one word it would be - MAGICAL!  

I have witnessed some real changes in my limiting beliefs and would recommend Dan as a PSYCH-K Facilitator for anyone who has a willingness to engage.


I am starting to feel at peace with a  great stillness and spaciousness within.  It is truly a wonderful feeling.  I am not at war with myself or with addictions anymore as I have surrendered to what is.  PSYCH-K is amazing.  It has helped to heal me on the inside.  Dan is very compassionate.  Namaste.


Dan really helped me.  I have suffered with a shoulder problem for over a decade and when it flares up I cannot do the manual work I usually would.  This persistent issue leads to becoming less  able and the subconscious feeling useless.  PSYCH-K made me conscious of how this shoulder problem affects my perception of my abilities and helped me get back to being as active as I can within my capabilties.


Thanks for a great PSYCH-K session today Dan.   I felt really down before coming in to see you, but after  our session I felt ever so lifted.  I'm now very much ready to finish this year off and start a fresh 2024.  Thank you.


I have had two sessions with Dan so far and I can honestly say that he brings so much into it; ie. positive energy, empathy, patience, to name just a few.  Will definitely be booking another one in soon.  Bless you Dan!


I discovered Dan online a few months ago after reading and watching some videos about PSYCH-K.  Dan was really approachable and accommodating and was able to fit me in for a session the next day, which I was super grateful for.  I found Dan really easy to talk to from our first conversation as he has a very warm, open and caring personality.  I had been struggling to tap into Joy and especially being in my first trimester of pregnancy it made it harder.  The next day I felt so great in my body and so full of joy and optimism.  I was telling everyone at my work to try a session.  Since then and a couple more sessions I have felt more positive and different opportunities are opening up for me in my business, which I have been working on.  I really recommend being open minded and trying a session, you really don't have anything to lose.


Thank you for today!  The session was really positive and helped me to feel a sense of connectedness and relief from anxiety which I often struggle to feel.

Your energy was really grounded and allowed space for me to process and integrate.

Look forward to working with you in the future.

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