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Master Energy Colour Healing

An exquisitely beautiful healing session using the sound of the voice and colour.



Master Energy Colour Healing raises our frequency to high levels and plays an essential role in assisting our ascension to the 5th dimension.  


The vibrational energy has extremely fine and pure vibrations and the pale and luminous colours used, correspond with the energies of Archangels and Ascended Masters.


The Benefits


Beneficial on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual. 

Master Energy Colour Healing brings peace to your body, mind and soul.


* Deeply moving

* Uplifting

* Energising

* Restores and balances the body and its energy centres

* Raises vibrational frequency

* Enhances feelings of positivity 


As a registered practitioner of this wonderful healing modality, I share with you healing sessions that can be tailored to your individual needs:


* One on one

* In a group 

* By phone

* Online


The Healing session 


You may wish to lie down during the healing session, comfortably with a blanket and pillow. 

For online or phone sessions, please have your favourite crystal with you (if you wish) and a candle to light.  Please make sure you have a glass of water nearby and that you won't be disturbed.  


The session will last approximately 45 minutes, with time allowed after the session for you to soak in the healing energies.


Please note that the session cannot be recorded and is unavailable as a recording. This healing can only be fully effective using the live voice of someone attuned to Master Energy colour Healing.

Colour Healing 1.jpg


Master Energy Colour Healing (in person) - £50...
    "INTRODUCTORY OFFER" until 28/02/24 - £30

Master Energy Colour Healing (on-line) - £40...
     "INTRODUCTORY OFFER" until 28/02/24 - £25

Sessions are payable via bank transfer, Paypal or cash, in advance.  

  • Secure your spot for a personalized Zoom call by completing your payment via bank transfer to account 30-98-26, 00571440.  Once confirmed, I'll swiftly send you the appointment link for your scheduled Zoom call.

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