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What Does a Recovery Mentor Do?


As a recovery mentor I am a person who acts as a trusted counselor and advisor for someone who is in recovery from any form of addiction, whether that be alcohol, drugs, smoking, sex or even gambling.

  • I am in recovery my self and have worked many anonymous programs

  • I have experience working with people who are newly sober

  • I have a friendly demeanor that sets you at ease

  • I demonstrate strong communication skills

  • I show dedication to ongoing education and training in the addiction treatment field and personal development on the whole

  • I am open-minded and able to work well with individuals from diverse backgrounds

  • I respect privacy and confidentiality

  • I am motivated by a desire to help others break free from the burdens of addiction

The services a recovery mentor offers will depend upon the individual needs of the newly sober person. However, recovery mentors can:

  • Accompany you to 12-Step meetings (First 3 FREE!)

  • Help you practice relapse prevention strategies

  • Promote healthy lifestyle choices related to stress management, nutrition, & exercise

  • Provide information about managing co-occurring mental health conditions

  • Offer advice about how to handle recovery challenges based on their own personal experience

  • Connect you to resources in the community that may be of assistance

  • Build self-esteem as you determine what you want your life in recovery to look like

  • Encourage you to keep working towards your goals and provide a source of accountability

The mentoring relationship can last as long as you need it. Some people may only want a mentor for a few months, while others may desire a more long-term relationship as part of their sober support system.



Professional Life Coach Certification & Guide (Accredited)

Life Coaching Diploma

PSYCH-K® Masters Facilitator 

PSYCH-K® Advanced Integrated Facilitator

PSYCH-K® Basic Facilitator

Master Energy Colour Healing Practitioner


Mentoring single session - £90...   
         "INTRODUCTORY OFFER" until 28/02/24 - £50

3 x Mentoring session package - £240...   
         "INTRODUCTORY OFFER" until 28/02/24 - £130

5 x Mentoring session package - £350...   
         "INTRODUCTORY OFFER" until 28/02/24 - £210

Mentoring Student/Concession session - £50...   
         "INTRODUCTORY OFFER" until 28/02/24 - £30

  • Sessions are payable via bank transfer, Paypal or cash, in advance.  

  • Secure your spot for a personalized Zoom call by completing your payment via bank transfer to account 30-98-26, 00571440.  Once confirmed, I'll swiftly send you the appointment link for your scheduled Zoom call.

Each Session is c75 minutes in length.


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